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Training Programmes - Free For Members of the Emergency Services Community

X-Emergency Services has developed training to give the emergency services community the knowledge, understanding and enterprise skills to be able to decide if they want to pursue self-employment, and what key skills are required to help make an informed decision to start a business.

We run a variety of training courses, either standard, or configured to the needs of a beneficiary. All our courses are supported by strategic partners to ensure that delivery is free of charge to the beneficiary.

Through our partnership with Emergency Services Career Transition (ESCT) individuals can also have support in employment skills and pathways.

Ren Kapur, Founder and CEO:

“The importance of Enterprise Learning and Skills is finally getting the recognition it deserves however I think we can do more. Enterprise, whether you are an Entrepreneur and Self-employed or an Intrapreneur working for another business, the entrepreneurial spirit is vital for professional and personal growth. Self-employment is on the rise, now accounting for more than 1 in 7 workers in the UK*.  It will be the norm to ebb and flow between employment and self-employment in the future. In our opinion, Enterprise Skills should be part of mainstream education and we are proud that we are able to provide these skills and support individuals, and their families, who have served our country.”

*Tough Gig, Social Market Foundation, Trust for London, 2016

X-Emergency Services provides enterprise training, business planning and funding support that includes the 5-Step Process to Business Start Up:

Step 1: Discovery – Understanding oneself with an introduction to the pros, cons and realities of business in order to make an informed decision about pursuing self-employment.

Step 2: Business Planning – Breaking down the business plan into easy segments, guided by Business Advisors, from the initial idea to writing a well-structured plan.

Step 3: Reflection – A vital step to reflect and understand the areas to work on for the business to succeed, and in which areas support is needed to develop skills, tools and networks to give the best start.

Step 4: Funding and Launch – Should the decision be made to progress, X-Emergency Services will help to navigate the best route to funding and support the launch of the new business.

Step 5: Ongoing Support – Whether choosing to start a business or take up an employed role, a network of expert mentors are available to the X-Emergency Services community, across industry sectors, offering knowledge, advice and reassurance.


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